Chanakya Law College aspires to be a role model for institutional excellence in higher education among leading institutions in the State fostering excellence in teaching, community service, legal awareness and capacity building and nurturing socially responsible leaders through an eclectic and sustainable approach serving the local and regional communities.



Enhancement of faith in law

To lead best professional grooming of our students in world class, novel, career- oriented advanced studies and research in all branches of Law through technology-aided instructional systems and to inculcate cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to nurture the Rule of Law. It teaches the students how to act toward other fellow human beings with honesty, consideration and concern.


1.Inculcating a Value System among students

Although skill development plays a crucial role in the job market, the lack of a value-system renders skills meaningless. Our college therefore shoulders the responsibility of inculcating desirable values like:
  • Constitutional Values – The college is committed to constitutional values like Equality, Dignity, Fraternity, Liberty and Respect for Difference reflecting in the Preamble
  • Gender equality – the value of gender equality is primarily upheld while imparting legal education
  • Rule of law – Law is supreme and we are regulated by law in every walk of life
  • Human Rights – The curriculum of CLC is based on this value and additionally, CLC has designed a diploma course in Human Rights and Law
  • Sustainable development – The value of sustainable development is promoted through pollution-free campus
  • Professional Ethics – For engaging in the profession of Law, adherence to professional ethics is a sine qua non. College imparts the training to the students to uphold integrity and honesty while in the profession through a dedicated course on Professional Ethics.

2.Promoting the Use of Technology

To uplift the face of academic development and administration, our college leaves no stone unturned to incorporate the use of technology and innovative methods. In addition to using technology as a learning resource, managing the activities of the college in a technology-enabled way ensures effective institutional functioning.

3. Addressing the needs of community

This value is akin to the function of catering legal education to all strata of society. Students are encouraged to engage in legal literacy program and legal aid activities to legally empower the community.

4. Quest for Excellence

The goal of excellence is always evasive therefore striving for merit is a continuous process. With regard to quality sustenance and quality enhancement, the college keeps pushing the bar for benchmarking. The test for quality becomes tougher and CLC sets very high standards.

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