Indoor/outdoor sports

Education is incomplete without sports. Now-a-days sports are the integral part of the education. When students are physically fit, they will achieve more academically. Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develops their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness. 

This is because sports improve their blood circulation and their physical well-being. Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skills, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality. 

Keeping this in mind Chanakya Law College provides for various sports and recreational activities and prepares the students for various Inter University competitions, with the spirit of grabbing medals at the state and national level tournaments. For this purpose institute organizes three days Annual Sports Meet every year including competitions regarding indoor as well as outdoor games.


  • Kho-kho
  • Volleyball
  • Bat Minton
  • Tug of war


  • Dart
  • Carton
  • Chess
  • Indoor table tennis court


  • Rangoli
  • Mahendi
  • Best out of waste
  • Face painting
  • Wall painting
  • Poster painting on legal issues.

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