Director Message

Ravinder Singh- Bisth- Director BG

Mr. Ravindra S. Bisht

Managing Director

Dear Aspirants,

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of society by aptly articulating human personality at the formative stage. Realizing the importance of professional education for development of educationally backward Kumaun region of the State of Uttarakhand, Chanakya Society for legal Studies ventured to enter the Legal Education System by opening CLC in the year 2004. Since its inception, CLC has strived hard for catering to the needs of the area by imparting standard legal education of modern relevance. Within a short period, the institute succeeded in realizing its mission of creating awareness of rights and duties among the people of the area and enables them to become productive members of the society. Earnest endeavor of experienced and dedicated staff coupled with application of modern technical and information technology based teaching aids put the academic graph of the college at the national level as well as bringing CLC on the map of India. I am confident that in the coming session, the promising and talented students from across the country will enter the portals of CLC and bring laurels by their academic achievements.

Wishing you luck for your future endeavors.

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