The library at Chanakya Law College is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing an extensive collection of over 10000 books. These books are meticulously organized into different sections, catering to the diverse academic interests of the students. The humanities section encompasses a wide range of subjects, while the business administrative section focuses on relevant management topics. The law section is dedicated to legal literature, covering various branches of law. In addition to its vast book collection, the library offers comprehensive reference services. Students can benefit from a collection of reference books that includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, and handbooks. The library also takes pride in preserving autobiographies of eminent personalities, providing valuable insights into their lives and contributions. Legal magazines like Law Teller and The Practical Lawyer are available alongside non-legal magazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan and India Today, catering to a broader range of reading interests. Furthermore, the library houses a collection of yearbooks and esteemed following law journals
• AIR (All India Reporter)

• RD (Revenue Decisions)

• UAD (Uttaranchal Apex Decision)

• UD (Uttaranchal Decisions)

• IBR (Indian Bar Review)

To facilitate the learning process, the library offers a book lending facility, allowing students to borrow books for further study. The library also provides access to a range of electronic resources. Subscriptions to platforms like Manupatra, Legal Eagle, and SCC Online enable students to access e-journals and e-books, expanding their research opportunities. Keeping abreast of current affairs, the library subscribes to several standard newspapers, including The Hindu and Indian Express, ensuring that students stay updated with the latest news and developments. With a focus on convenience, the entire library is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing students to access online resources seamlessly. Additionally, the library offers photocopying services, enabling students to reproduce essential study materials. Furthermore, the library provides a notes facility, ensuring that students have access to comprehensive study materials. Overall, the library at Chanakya Law College is a hub of intellectual exploration, providing students with a rich assortment of resources, both in print and electronic formats. By offering a conducive environment and comprehensive services, the library contributes significantly to the academic growth and success of the students.

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