Previous Years Question Papers

Term End Examination Question Papers
2nd semester
History II
Political Science II
Sociology II
4th semester
Economics II
Political Science IV
6th semester
Political Science VI
2nd semester
Business Communication
Business Environment
Business Mathmatics
4th semester
Computer Fundamental
Financial Management
International Marketing Business
Production Management
6th semester
Entreprneurship Small Business Management
Project Management
2nd semester
Constitutional Law II
Contract II
Environmental Law
Family Law - II
Public International Law
4th semester
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Civil Procedure Code
Crime Against Women
Criminal Procedure Code
Law of Eviednce
6th semester
Human Rights
Interpretation of Statetues
Law of Taxation
Media Law
Social Security and Social Welfare
1st semester
General Principles of Administrative Law
Constitutional Principles and structure
Judicial Process
New Challenges
Value Education & Human Rights

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